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1-    We ask that you arrive early so that we can be sure to start
on time.

2-    Payment is due at the time of service.

3-    What if you miss or are late for your appointment?
Our goal is to get you healthy as quickly and effectively as  possible.
Your appointment schedule was developed with this in mind. You can
help by keeping your appointments as planned. We realize that
emergencies arise and you may have to cancel an appointment.

Please....out of respect for our other patients as well as for our
therapist, call if there is a change in your schedule.

* There is no charge for appropriately cancelled appointments.
(24 hour notice)

* There is a 50% charge for cancellations under 24 hrs but more than 3

* You will be billed the full amount for a missed appointment.
(Less than 3 hour notice)